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The only career guide you will ever need – Job Be Damned –

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Rishi Piparaiya is a best-selling author, experimenting with various writing genres. Rishi’s debut book, Aisle Be Damned, a hilarious look at air travel, was a national bestseller in India. His second book, Job Be Damned, a satire on corporate life. Rishi is the creator of the unique Cities of Adventure series of travel books for children–city guides written as fictional adventure stories and author of Three Pigs to Financial Freedom that is an absolute beginner’s guide to managing money.

An acclaimed guide to Financial Freedom. Three Pigs to Financial Freedom guides you on everything you need to know—how much money you need to be financially free, the accounts you need to open, the products you should buy, how much you should invest in them, and where you should get them. Using an incredibly easy and practical system, the book humorously demystifies financial planning in the Indian context.