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About Damned

We are a humor and satire platform, and we create content that we personally consider relatively intelligent and side-splittingly hilarious. We hope you will find it funny too. But if not, so be it…


Write for Damned

There is only that much poppycock that the Chief Damned Officer (read below) can churn out, so we are actively looking for freelance writers and creators to jump onto the damnedwagon. We are looking for content in all formats – written, visual, video, sign language or anything else. Ideal primates will have a great sense of humor to visualize content and a computing device to create it. We are not really paying for content right now, but you will get this great platform to showcase your work and a virtual work environment with awesome fictional colleagues who go wild at our imaginary post-work parties.


Chief Damned Officer

Damned is created by Rishi Piparaiya who spent close to two decades as a flunky, middle manager, and senior executive in multinational corporations across USA, Europe, and Asia. He did make concerted efforts to scuttle his career by regularly sending satirical work memos and boycotting all meetings that started before 10 a.m. But he still stumbled up the corporate ladder, with designations such as AVP, VP, SVP, and CXO before realizing that there is more to life than accumulating letters of the alphabet. So he safely evacuated from his C-suite office to a journey where he does whatever he likes, whether mentoring entrepreneurs in makeshift offices or envisioning books on blank pages.


Thousands of hours crisscrossing the country at 38,000 feet resulted in his first book, Aisle Be Damned, a best selling humorous take on air travel. And aeons spent in cubicles and cabins has culminated in Job Be Damned, a satirical look at corporate life. A dusty briefcase in his Mumbai home holds certificates from Cornell University, the University of Cambridge, the University of Rochester and the Cathedral & John Connon School.


Contact Us

Prospective writers, please send a sample of your work to Please make your email stand out via creative subject lines such as ‘Sample of my work.’


Others with ideas about content or collaboration, feedback on the site, or any other thoughts can also use the same email ID: It keeps things simple.