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Best online casinos with bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling in Canada 2022

We suggest studying our rating of the best bitcoin casinos and other sites accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Read our independent reviews and find the right bitcoin casino.
What kind of coins and currencies are accepted at crypto casinos in Canada?
Today Bitcoin is the most popular and well-known digital currency, but there are many other cryptocurrencies in the world (currently there are more than 1000).Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that is accepted by online casinos.

The list of accepted cryptocurrencies at each casino is different. Some do not accept cryptocurrencies at all, others only accept bitcoins, but there are a large number of sites where you can play for different currencies.

Here is a list of the most popular cryptocurrencies in gambling:

Bitcoin (BTC);
Ethereum (ETH);
Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
Dogecoin (DOGE);
Dash (DASH);
Litecoin (LTC).

Whichever one you choose, you’ll be able to find a crypto casino that accepts your currency. Before you sign up, make sure that this casino can play with the currency of your choice.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin casinos generally accept the usual payment methods found in classic online casinos. However, there are also some casinos that accept cryptocurrencies exclusively.
While most gambling with cryptocurrency Canada do accept bitcoin, the currency is not always the best choice due to the enormous transaction processing fees compared to other cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, bitcoin is still the most popular. At the same time, some crypto-casinos take all commissions and credit them to your casino account.
What are the advantages of Bitcoin casinos?
In many aspects, bitcoin casinos are not much different from other types of online casinos. The main difference and advantage is the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment.
This is also good for cryptocurrencies in general: the more ways to use cryptocurrencies, the better the cryptocurrency market feels.

Besides using cryptocurrencies as payment, bitcoin casinos have other differences from regular casinos. The first of them the possibility of complete anonymity.

Conventional payment methods in standard casinos can easily be associated with a specific person. The emergence of cryptocurrencies in turn led to the creation of anonymous casinos, but their number and possibilities are limited by current legislation.
What games can I play with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies?
In terms of choice of games, there are almost no differences between crypto- and regular casinos. The number and types of games, of course, vary from one bitcoin casino to another.

Playing for bitcoins and other digital currencies is available at most popular games, such as:

Slot machines;
Video poker.

The selection of games in each casino is different, so before registering it is recommended to study the list of available games and make sure that it has what you want to play.
How do we evaluate bitcoin casinos?
We are thorough and unbiased when it comes to evaluating online casinos, including Bitcoin casinos. Our evaluation process is pretty much the same for all casinos. You can learn more about it here.
In brief, there are two main criteria:

Large casinos have higher revenues and are able to pay out large winnings. Smaller casinos can run into financial difficulties, so large gaming sites are safer.

Casino attitudes to players Many casinos have a fair gaming policy and do not look for reasons to deny payouts, but there are also those who behave in the exact opposite way. We check the attitude of casinos to their customers by analyzing player complaints.

Of course, we use other criteria as well, but these two are the most important. To learn more about the evaluation process, check out the article at the link above or read our code of fair play.
What currency is used in the games themselves?
Сложно дать единый и универсальный ответ на этот вопрос, поскольку каждое биткоин-казино работает по-своему.
Приведем несколько примеров:

Bit Starz allows you to make deposits in bitcoins, and funds in your account are also stored in bitcoins. You can also play with bitcoins, but some games only accept euros or other fiat (traditional) currencies. This casino accepts many other cryptocurrencies as well.
LuckyBit only allows deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC), although money in the casino account is kept in US dollars. The casino website explains that this is done for the convenience of players. The dollar amount is updated every 10 minutes according to the current exchange rate, so your bitcoin amount is not subject to changes in the market.
Uptown Aces Allows players to deposit and withdraw in bitcoins, but the account and all betting is only in US dollars. All bitcoins deposited are converted into US dollars at the current exchange rate, and then converted back at the current rate if you choose to withdraw. This means that the amount in bitcoins may vary depending on market fluctuations.

These are just three examples. Each casino works with cryptocurrencies in a different way, so before you start playing, we recommend that you research this issue and find out how a particular casino approaches depositing and withdrawing bitcoins. This information is not always presented on the website, but you can contact support, which should help you.

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