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Best Humor Book That You Should Read In 2018 | Modern Satire Book


By Rishi Piparaiya

Over Time You May Even Find That It is More Lucrative To Keep Getting Retrenched From Multiple Organisations Than Determinedly Working Your Way Up One.

In the Corporate World, You Will Frequently Encounter People Providing Unsolicited Feedback And As A Rule, Only Listen To Critics Who Agree With You. 

In Sales, Like Much Of Life, It’s Not What You Deliver That Stays Top Of Mind But What You Promise To Deliver. . 

An Interview Is Essentially An Opportunity For Potential Employers To Evaluate Whether You Can Lie As Effectively In Person As You Do On Paper. Don’t Let Them Down

WIP( Work In Progress) Is An Awesome Acronym That Immediately Gives A Veil of Credence To Whatever It is That You Are Not Doing

…To Exploit Employees In A Legally And Socially Acceptable Fashion. They Are Placed In A Hierarchical Framework Called The Management Structure.

How To Disagree With Your Boss?

Any Disparaging Sentiments Should Only Be Shared Via Unsigned, Fingerprint Dusted Letters Sent Directly To A Regulator. 

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Job Be Damned, Corporate Humour Book
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